SEC Top 20 Impact Freshmen #16 - Matt Elam - DT - Kentucky

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Matt Elam was an absolutely monstrous get for the Wildcats in the 2014 recruiting class.  It was obviously monstrous in terms of size because Elam is one of the biggest human beings I have ever seen in my life not only for a HS student but just for a man in general.  It is also a huge get because Elam was the highest profile player in the state of Kentucky and the Wildcats were able to keep him in state.  Although the state of Kentucky is not necessarily a recruiting hotbed it is an absolute must that when there is an elite prospect in the state that Kentucky keep that player in state because at this point it is going to be tough for them to get elite prospects from out of state. 

On the field Elam's impact will be every bit as big as he wants it to be.  He is a 6'6 350 pound monster whose sheer size will be an obstacle for any team who plays Kentucky to deal with.  Not only is he a big man, but he is also an athletic man for someone of his size.  He has a nice first step and is able to get a push into the backfield.  While he is likely not going to put up big numbers, his impact will be seen in the tackling numbers for the linebackers.  He will command double teams from the first day he steps on campus and will free up all of Kentucky's linebackers to make plays at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield. 

The one obstacle in Elam's way is himself.  Can he play with the intensity he needs to?  Can he keep his weight in control and not balloon up?  If he does, watch out for Elam!

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